November 23, 2004


Rumah Sakit is an indie experimental/post rock instrumental band. Whoa... what a mouthful, but what a listen. These four guys (John Baez, Jeff Shannon, Mitch Cheney, Kenseth Thibideau) rock, but they keep your attention with sudden shifts in speed, time, mood, decibel level and if you listen too long, in space.

They've got a sense of humour also, the title of their song 'Careful with that fax machine' is a take-off on Pink Floyd's 'Ummagumma' track 'Careful with that axe, Eugene'.

rumah sakit 2000

rumah sakit
bring on the cobras
careful with that fax machine
wing and wind

obscured by clowns 2002

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+ no one likes a grumpy cripple
*this is a re-post from early July.

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