November 01, 2004

This Month's Uncut Magazine

Uncut, the premiere British music magazine, has long been my favourite read when it comes to reviews and huge, indepth cover stories / interviews.

This month's issue takes a look at Brian Wilson's, "Smile" *****, Tom Waits, "Real Gone" ***, and has a track by track preview of U2's latest.

In the New Albums section, Barney Hoskyns review of "Real Gone", is pretty much on the money, as far as I am concerned. Here's an excerpt...

"Waits is still taking more risks than most US 'singer-songwriters' of his generation, and parts of this album rock righteously. It's just that some of Waits' musical modes - the Fat Possum stomp of "Shake It", the Tod Browning gallery that is "Circus", the sepulchral loungecore of "Dead and Lovely" - have been done before, and much better. By him. "

Check out some feature articles from recent past issues, go to Uncut. If you're thinking of picking up the mag, remember, every issue comes with a compilation CD of interesting music, so it is worth every penny.

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