December 07, 2004


Chuck E. Weiss has some friends you may have heard tell of.... namely Tom Waits (who performed on and co-produced "Extremely Cool") and Tom's old paramour, Rickie Lee Jones. Jones immortalised Weiss in her 1979 radio hit, "Chuck E.'s in Love", and Chuck E.'s best friend, Tom Waits, has written songs about Chuck too, including "Jitterbug Boy" and "I Wish I Was In New Orleans Again".

Weiss has released just two official albums, 1999's "Extremely Cool" and 2001's "Old Souls and Wolf Tickets". His very first release, "The Other Side Of Town", hit the market in 1981 without his approval and was soon pulled off the shelves.

Listen to the Weissian mixture of blues, jazz, rock, beat poetry, and even a little zydeco flavour, a musical gumbo that Weiss has called "alternative jungle music".

Chuck E. Weiss - Extremely Cool - Devil With Blue Suede Shoes
Chuck E. Weiss w/ Tom Waits - Extremely Cool - It Rains On Me
Chuck E. Weiss - Extremely Cool - Deeply Sorry
Chuck E. Weiss - Extremely Cool - Extremely Cool
Chuck E. Weiss - Old Souls and Wolf Tickets - Sneaky Jesus

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