December 06, 2004

FAVOURITE SONGS OF 2004 "Queens of Beirut"

I had the idea (an original one at that) to do a post on my favourite songs of the past year, but Kee-rist I have heard a bleep load of music this year, so I will start very small with this one song that was released in 2003. I won't limit myself to music solely released this year, but will include music I have discovered this year also.

Pony Express is led by Jeff Cloud (Starflyer 59, Joy Electric) owner of record label Velvet Blue Music. With the recent release of 'FRAUD' the band have four CDs to their credit.

The wide open spaces in this song surely evoke the western themed name of this band.
The organ shimmers - a desert heat mirage - the guitar twangs - all big and dusty - but the star here is the lyric... 'honey, I love you, but I've got to leave, so just throw your heart on my sleeve...'

+ queens of beirut

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