December 16, 2004


This is the kind of song that, as a kid, I would have spun over and over and over again on the record player - jumping around the room, all over the house, playing tennis racquet guitar, lip-synching into a hair brush, getting all fired up, ready to scream with joy... until I broke something and feared for my life when the parental units came home.

Thank god that now I'm all growed up. Excuse me while I find my tennis racquet.

MARAH + freedom song

*BONUS: from Marah's first album, "Another Day At Bay".

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  1. So glad that others are posting Marah tracks. Been a fan for a long while and the new album is a tremendous recovery from the irrational flirtation with the Oasis producer that resulted in the unseemly "Float Away With The Friday Night Gods". I'm so glad they found their way back.