December 27, 2004

Where The Hipsters Go

The Web Nymph Aggregator and MP3 are the places to find what the hipsters know is the best music out there right now. Even I know and I'm a self-described 'hipster doofus' - Which is probably better than a plain ol' hipster.


  1. Que es un 'hipster doofus'? Es un tipo de zapato? Hasta, seisojos.

  2. Checking out web-nymph again led me to this site,, where I found a delicious new Mercury Rev mp3 from their forthcoming disc. I don't know if I like this track as much as the other three I've found by hook-or-crook on the mp3 web-logs, "Across Yer Ocean," "In the Wilderness," and "Vermillion," but hey, it's Mercury Rev, and I love those guys.