January 15, 2005

Andrew Bird

I will admit I haven't heard a lot of Andrew Bird, but I did quite like more than a few of the songs I was fortunate enough to have heard. But those have been surpassed, make that usurped by this new concoction of Bird's, found on his soon to be released work, "The Mysterious Production of Eggs". A work which Bird pretty much threw out the window a total of three times before it came together with the production assistance of David Boucher (Paul Westerberg, Randy Newman). The air miles logged between studios in Chicago and L.A. and his home studio in Northern Illinois were well worth the time spent if the MP3 available below is any indication of the album's quality.

On the highly melodic and sadly beautiful track, ‘A Nervous Tic Motion of The Head To The Left’, he reminds me of a number of gifted performers, Rufus Wainwright, Hawksley Workman, and Jeff Buckley, to list the more prominent. This song will worm it’s ‘twitchy’ way into your welcoming head, dressed in Bird’s engaging vocal, his amazing whistling, and a classy string section, you won’t be able to resist the melody. If it hasn’t arrested you after one listen, try a few more and the sirens will be wailing.

'The Mysterious Production of Eggs'

+ a nervous tic motion of the head to the left

"The Mysterious Production of Eggs" - Righteous Babe Records in North America and Fargo Records in Europe.
Release Date: February 8, 2005
Andrew Bird Web Site

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  1. Sounds nice! I think I'll have to look for more by this man...

  2. Sounds nice! I think I'll have to look for more of this man...

  3. Andrew Bird also has a ton of live shows at the Live Music Archive at Archive.org. He encourages taping and many shows are available in mp3 format as well.

  4. glad you like it jack jack.

    L.B. - thanks for the tip, that's very 'big' hearted of you.

  5. I see now that I liked it so much I posted it twice :)
    I'll check out the concerts. And I see you've got another one in your sixpack. Nice!