January 14, 2005


The great indie label, Secretly Canadian, has the band The Impossible Shapes on their roster. From Indiana, The Shapes music is psych-rock, at turns humorous, popish, and cutting edge - this is another example of a gifted group of musicians toiling in the shadows, obscured by the lights focused on the more fortunate. So now you have a chance to shine some light into the dark corners, with Secretly Canadian offering a free download of The Impossible Shapes album, "TUM" (17 tracks!).

This event preceeds the February 1st release of their new work, "HORUS", here are a couple of tracks from "HORUS"...

+ Putrefaction

You can find a couple of downloads here at Download.com


  1. Loved the Impossible Shapes last album and greatly look forward to the next one. Thanks!

  2. calistan, from the mp3 blog, http://cometstarmoon.blogspot.com/, you are more than welcome.

  3. hey I got that email from sec can as well, are they the best label or what - very smart with their digital downloads, i'm really looking forward to antony and the johnstons on sec can

  4. great music, I hate to be picky but the album's name is "Tum," not "Turn."
    Don't worry, It fooled me the first time as well.