January 14, 2005


Now I ask you... have you ever heard a song that had hand claps in the mix that didn't get you nodding your head, tapping your foot, shaking your ass, or even, dare I suggest, clapping your hands?
Now I answer... NO. My theory being that any song offering up the clap is so damn catchy the band can't even help itself and starts clapping their hands, it's infectious. On the track, 'God Killed The Queen', the band, Louis XIV, is definitely infected and infecting - contagious in that hand clappin', tambourine shakin', 1960's, tightly panted and pointy shoed, kind of way. The handclap, being the most infectious sound in pop music of any genre, is something we all can do, something we all can catch, and catching the handclap is fun, without those bothersome burning or itching sensations.

'illegal tender'

With one full length available (their self-titled debut) and another on the way, "Illegal Tender" (release date Jan. 25th/05), don't forget to tell your friends about Louis XIV and then tell them that the clap is good.

+ God Killed The Queen
... more listening and some purchasing can be done here.

Odds and Ends
*Their web site trumpets the news that the band was crowned with best rock album and album of the year awards a few months back at the San Diego Music Awards. The trio of Jason Hill, Brian Karscig, and Mark Maigaard, is from Poway, Calif., a San Diego suburb, and made their first stab at rock n' roll glory as Hybrid Recordings artist Convoy.


  1. These guys are good...Their self-titled track is a winner too...good post.

  2. Damn damn damn that's a good find. I only wish they still printed and sold their first album and the EPs.