January 03, 2005

'Shadows Collide With People' ~ ACOUSTIC

I have just recently got my hands on John Frusciante's album, "Shadows Collide With People", and was knocked over by what I heard. Frusciante has been drug addled in the past and was, and still is, presented in the press as a bit of a flake (a view only enhanced by his earlier eccentric recordings), but this recording is so vibrant and strong, and immediately accessible, that that flake label hasn't flaked off, it's been sandblasted off.

Perhaps, if you're now thinking of buying the disc (I highly recommend it)- here's a great way to get an idea of the strength of the songs. From johnfrusciante.com, here is what Mr. Frusciante said about the free download of acoustic demos:

"I’m releasing this acoustic version of the album because there was so much production on the record -- there's so much layering of different types of sound and things -- that I just thought it would be nice for some of the fans who prefer a more raw, stripped down sound. They will just hear the songs in their raw form.
Also, on the last album I put out, we did acoustic shows and those went over really well. But I'm not doing those this time because I'm spending my time recording. So I figured I'd do a little performance in my living room and put it on the internet so people could hear me doing those songs the way I would if I were doing an acoustic show"
- John Frusciante.

*Here are two downloads, the rest can be downloaded by going to his site through the link above and clicking on demos.

01. Carvel ~ wma file
02. Omission ~ wma file
03. Regret
04. Ricky
05. Second Walk
06. Every person
07. Wednesday's Song
08. This Cold
09. Song To Sing When I'm Lonely
10. Time Goes Back
11. In Relief
12. Water
13. Cut Out
14. Chances
15. The Slaughter


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    That is a good album!