February 21, 2005


Clem Snide's lead singer, Eef Barzelay has a slight voice, the kind of voice that seems distinct on his own songs, but the type that would disappear, would lose it's identity in an unfamiliar framework. This, Clem Snide's fifth album, "End of Love", is a familiar framework for the band, (continuing with their blue tinged indie-country-pop). And yet the most distinctive things about this collection of 11 tracks are the words, the musicianship, and the production; not the voice of its chief member, it's singer/songwriter, and that's a problem. When a band exists solely to present the songs of 'one' -- the 'one' should have a whole lot more in the way of vocal personality to engage the listener. That said, there are some good songs here, some that are worth more than a couple of spins despite Barzelay's lack of vocal character -- funny that a singer/songwriter with an unfogettable name like Eef Barzelay could have such a forgettable voice.

'end of love'

+ fill me with your light
Spinart Records - Release date Feb. 22/05


  1. Great tune! Thanks!
    I remember him from the opening song to the tv show "Ed," and another cool song, "Al Green." Didn't know there was a new release.

  2. I really like him. Thanks Alan.

  3. Anonymous5:30:00 PM

    I think his voice is very distinctive and instantly recognizable.

    That said, I was a little disappointed in this album. After the first three amazing tracks, nothing else quite lives up to them.

    But their earlier stuff is still fantastic... "Joan Jett of Arc" being one of my all time favorite songs... ever.

  4. Anonymous3:15:00 PM

    I apologize in advance but ---

    screw the detractors!

    End of Love is their best album. Period, It has the divesity of Ghost of Fashion with a wide range of dynamics... from the heavy God Answers back to the quirk Weird. It even rocks harder - Collapse, and the epic track End of Love.

    Refresh your ears and give it the time it deserves. This is a Clem Snide masterwork.

  5. Yes, I am agree with nate. I think the voice of the singer it´s one of the best things in Clem Snide ...