February 20, 2005

Gentleman Reg

Gentleman Reg was the solo artist who opened for Antony and the Johnsons' two Drake Hotel shows last Wednesday. His performance was fine, it was enjoyable, the only problem I had was I really think he could have used a band behind him. I am sure that when he gets the chance to play with a band the songs would get that little punch they needed that night.

Reg is another talented musician, from Guelph originally, who is now found on Toronto's Three Gut Records (a label that got it's start in Guelph I believe).

Check out his music...

Darby & Joan (2004) three gut records
+ It's Not Safe
+ Bundle
+ Untouchable

Make Me Pretty (2002) three gut records
+ Statement
+ Give Me The Chance To Fall

Hellbound: A Tribute to the Breeders (NoAloha.com - 2001)
+ Doe (64kbs MP3) - Reg doing a cover of the Breeders 'Doe'.

(thanks to 'P', whoever you are)


  1. Anonymous3:13:00 PM

    Reg is actually quite good with a band. He has (had?) a couple of the Constantines backing him for a while. The fuller sound definitely benefits his sound.

  2. wow...i like Gentleman Reg...but noe nothing about him. I am extremely interested in his "The boyfriend song" video...CHeck it out