March 26, 2005

Ryan Adams "Destroyer" MP3s

*SORRY, but the Destroyer MP3s are no longer available on The site does have some live mp3s of Ryan Adams.

You could think of this as the missing link, or the missing magnetic tape, between Ryan Adams' Whiskeytown band persona and his solo debut album, Heartbreaker. Dubbed 'The Destroyer Sessions', it features 14 tracks and can be download freely + legally here.

On the eighth track, Hey Mrs. Lovely, the harmony is not meant to be perfect or pretty, a la CSNY or The Beach Boys, but remember... there is beauty in a flaw, intentional or otherwise.

Listen to + Hey Mrs Lovely [free + legal download]

*thanks to's audio page for the tip


  1. Anonymous10:52:00 AM

    i could just kiss your feet. thank you so very much for this post.

    - sadia

  2. you're welcome sadia, but...

    although my grimy toes may resemble chocolate bunny tootsies this morning... i would advise against this!

  3. The link seems to no longer work. Is there any chance you have downloaded the MP3's and could email them to me?

    You can contact me at

  4. Anonymous2:43:00 PM

    anyone get those destroyer downloads? if your feeling generous you could email them to me @