April 13, 2005

Damian Haggar

If you liked the bouncy power pop of studio whiz, Devin Davis, (here) then you may find something to like in the music of Damian Haggar. Also swimming in the power pop pool, Haggar puts a little more sheen onto the music, the recording, he also has some nifty waterwings, namely chamber and baroque pop.These he slips on now and then to keep from sinking too far into the revved up bangle-and-jangle of straight ahead power pop --delivering it all with a voice that's one step removed from a sugary rasp, maybe closer to a honeyed burr, on his album, Half My Mind.

+ half my mind
+ butterfly
[mp3s courtesy of music.download.com]

haggar's website
* you can listen to the entire album on his site.

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