April 11, 2005

Sam Prekop: "Something"

Right off this song puts you on edge, makes you a tad uncomfortable with it's off-the-beat percussion -- until Sam Prekop's mellifluous vocal softens the anxiety, like a drink may take the edge off a 'fear of flying' air traveler sitting out on the runway. And the voice is mellifluous, harmonious, make no mistake about it -- Prekop is almost a crooner, he makes it sound too easy. But continue listening and the contrast of the two, the percussion and voice, create a tension found in the most interesting of music -- although most often the tension is released and the listener is rewarded with the chorus. Not here... in Prekop's, "Something", we get a juggling act, even when Prekop steps back and a muted trumpet enters the ragged shimmer of this song, the juggling act continues until it just fades out... like dying sunlight on water.

+ something [mp3] from the new CD, Who's Your New Professor?
courtesy of salon.com's audiofile

Prekop, a member of The Sea and Cake, graced Thomas Bartlett's Audiofile page with a list of what he is listening to and enjoying.

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