April 17, 2005

David Garza :: Free EP Download

34 year-old David Garza (pronounced DAH-veed) is a Texas boy... Irving, Texas, who has garnered comparisions to artists as varied as Robert Plant to the late Jeff Buckley. With nine albums released since his 1991 debut, Eyes Wide Open, he has now made available for a limited time a free download of his newest work -- a five song ep entitled, Oh Dread.

Developing a love for the Mexican music he listened to on the radio as a youth, he moved into everything from intimate singer/songwriter to dancable electronic influenced songs over the years... and you can hear these influences and more on the ep.

+ ill troubador

*GO here for the free downloads

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:50:00 PM

    david garza is an angel; a f***ing talented one. all his albums are amazing- he does not have one single song that doesn't get better and better every time you play it. thank you for giving him some snaps!