April 17, 2005

Spoon: Gimme Fiction

What Spoon has done as the albums have tumbled by (five albums in the past nine years) is distill their sound, cutting out the unnecessary bits to open up spaces in the music, no doubt experience has produced the confidence to not throw everything they can at the listener. This confidence in their power as a band has in fact given us a Spoon record with strings draped over a number of tracks, but fear not... they in no way detract from the Spoon sound... which is? Britt Daniel's voice and the piano. I have some bad news though, Eggo Johanson does not appear on Gimme Fiction, although Britt Daniel does and he is or was Eggo Johanson, the keyboard player listed in Spoon's 2002 disc, Kill The Moonlight (Daniel didn't want it to appear he was doing everything and he thought the name was funny).

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"I Turn My Camera On" has, as so many Spoon songs do, a strong bass and drum foundation laced with funk--Spoon's pop/rock songs make you want to dance or at least try--Daniel comes on with a soulful falsetto, surrounded by in your face percussion right alongside the amped up rhythmic guitar. The song doesn't take you far, although it surely moves you around nicely while it's paying a visit.

Gimme Fiction (Merge) produced by Britt Daniel, Jim Eno, and Nashville-based co-producer Mike McCarthy, will come out on May 10th.

MP3s Courtesy of Spoon...
BACK TO THE LIFE (from Kill the Moonlight)
BELIEVING IS ART (from Girls Can Tell)
PAPER TIGER (from Kill the Moonlight)
LINES IN THE SUIT (from Girls Can Tell)
CAR RADIO (from A Series of Sneaks)
MOUNTAIN TO SOUND (from Soft Effects)

Via Australian label 12XU...
Spoon - The Way We Get By mp3 from the CD/LP 'Kill The Moonlight'
Spoon- Something To Look Forward To mp3 from the CD/LP 'Kill The Moonlight'
Spoon - In The Right Place At The Right Time mp3 from the "Jonathon Fisk" CD single,
Spoon_advance cassette.mp3 "Advance Cassette" from the 'A Series of Sneaks' CD.
Spoon-me and the bean.mp3 'Me And The Bean,' from the 'Girls Can Tell' LP.
Spoon-decora.mp3 Spoon's version of Yo La Tengo's 'Decora,' taken from the 'Anything You Want'.
Spoon-everything disco.mp3 "Everything Hits At Once (For Discos)"; the not so radical remix from the 4 track CDS "Everything Hits At Once", original version on the 'Girls Can Tell' CD/LP.
Spoon-anything you want.mp3 'Anything You Want' - rockin' single taken from the 'Girls Can Tell'CD/ LP.
Spoon-i didnt come here to die.mp3 'I Didn't Come Here To Die,' from the 'Loveways' EP.


  1. You never fail to include a broad range of mp3s from which your guests get to pick. Thanks for continuing to do this. Hopefully this will convert more folks over to Spoon and make their new album a great success. Keep up the good work!

    it's funny that i was reading chromewaves and say a link to your blog when i received your email, i think someone is trying to tell me something... soooo.... i have added you ain't no picasso to my blogroll.

    everyone should check it out!

  3. Spoon rocks. (A very productive contribution to the dialogue, thanks)

  4. Anonymous7:38:00 PM

    12XU is not an Australian label, it's a former UK now Austin, TX based label.