May 15, 2005

'david & the citizens'

photo: roger ahl

David Fridlund (above left) has been spinning out gems with his band, The Citizens, for a handful of years now from their homebase in Sweden.
David Fridlund – vocals, piano, guitar, harmonica
Magnus Bjerkert – trumpet,
organ, stylophone, percussion, vocals
Conny Fridh – bass, vocals, organ,
Alexander Madsen – guitar, bass
Mikael Carlsson – drums, vocals
Listen for yourself...
+ song against life
graycoated morning

David also recently released his solo debut, Amaterasu, on Hidden Agenda/Parasol.
Read about it and listen to an mp3 here.


  1. I already had Song Against Life and it shuffled on to my playlist earlier today. This led me to wonder where on earth I uncovered it... this very post most probably. My memory is like Swiss Cheese music blog wise... I'm such a blog slut. Anyway, back to the point, excellent stuff. How come the Swedish are so good at this kind of thing? Must be in the genes.

  2. liking this a great deal. on the look out for more.

    Have linked to your site as I have been enjoying your site and mp3s and thought I'd have a go doing my own.