May 15, 2005

Roman Evening

This is definitely indie stuff here, but it bears the stamp of men who have toiled long and hard at their craft and it shows. It also shows they have struggled with life and they bear those scars in their art.

This Cd Tiny Ladies was written as a mood piece after Adam Klein wrote his first novel of the same title. He and his musical partner, Michael Mullen, were trying to capture the essence of the book, to get at the heart of the matter. Whether he succeeded or not is hard for me to say, not having read the book, but they have created some special music.

For these two, Roman Evening is a side project, their main musical endeavour is with Glasstown, a well known outfit in San Francisco.

As Roman Evening from the CD Tiny Ladies...
+ let's take it back
+ how will you know me?
+ retreat

and as Glasstown...
+ Living and Forgetting

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