May 21, 2005


Page France make wistful indie-pop with a penchant for image-rich lyrics. Singer/songwriter, Michael Nau (above right), has a distinct talent for slow and soft melodic music, much of it utilizing the not-used-enough accordion. If you like the now major label band, Death Cab for Cutie, you may find something you like in Page France's music.

The band will soon release their second album, I believe, following 2004's, Come, I'm A Lion!, on Fall Records. Making their homebase in Cumberland, Maryland, the band is a sort of revolving cast of musicians which includes: Michael S Nau, Clinton Jones, Whitney McGraw, Bryan Martin, Matthew Smith, and David Tracy.

+ spine
+ air pollution
+ rhythm

+ chariot (an mp3 clip from their upcoming release)

*I have to give props to Matt at You Ain't No Picasso, he did a post on this band (2 in fact) before I did... check it out here -
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  1. Yet more proof that we're both awesome ;)

  2. great post! I really enjoyed these guys..