May 21, 2005


I love Tangiers song, "I Don't Love You". From the opening sixties go go beat to the journeyman lead vocal - the way he almost hits the high part during the first chorus, his voice sometimes almost coming undone during the quieter bits. It was the first single off of Toronto's Tangiers second CD - Never Bring You Pleasure, which came out last June. With two new band members, Jon McCann (ex-Guided By Voices) on drums and the return of Tangiers vet, keyboardist Shelton Deverell, their sound has shifted from New York garage to a bit more poppy.

Another great track off of Tangiers sophomore effort is "Ro Ro Roland". With a staccato martial beat and reedy garage organ kicking it off -- it quickly opens up into a driving chug.

This is a sadly overlooked Canadian band that deserves a listen...

+ ro ro roland
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