June 23, 2005

Discover New Music (Or Not)

I've got some recent discoveries for you, three bands without any connections, musical, familial, or extraterresterial:

The Muggs, a Detroit trio with ties to The Paybacks, who mine a classic rock, bluesy skronk sound.
Emperor X, whose lo-fi indie finesse is by turns anxious and caffeinated and then jangles likes keys and loose change in your pocket on a summer day.
The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers (yes, that is the name of the band), give the listener quiet, intimate sketches masquerading as indie pop, or maybe it's the other way around -- indie pop masquerading as quiet, intimate sketches.

The Muggs
+ Gonna Need My Help
+ Rollin' B-Side Blues
+ Should've Learned My Lesson

Emperor X
+ Right to the Rails
+ Shut Shut Up
+ Exterminata Beat
+ Laminate Factory

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers
+ concerning lessons learned from the aliens
+ cannot eat better not sleep
+ on the occasion of a departure
+ the sun fell on you


  1. you have to admit though, the "or not" ending on the post's title makes it a funny coincidence.

  2. yeah, it is. but, it also drives me CRAZY!

  3. Anonymous9:18:00 PM

    effing css layouts, when they break, they break hard. I made the mistake of doing a live redesign, and my site had havoc wreaked upon it for 2 days in the process.

    Anyways, love Emperor X. Central Hug is on my short list of best of the year so far. Be sure to check out the second album, Tectonic Membrane, and if anyone can find the first one, please point me in the direction.

  4. Chad Matheny (Emperor X) is an absolute genius, and a good friend of mine. Thanks for posting his stuff...due to a van accident on his last tour, he lost most of his gear and hasn't been able to play much. I'm sure he appreciates you doing the work for him.

    And not to self-promote, but Chad's now drummer for my band, Franny (Myspace), who is going on tour in August.

    And for the guy looking for the early EmpX stuff, try Discos Mariscos, Chad's self-run label.