June 23, 2005


Based out of Fresno, CA, Rademacher have been making noise for a few months now and have already got an EP out on Greytank Records with another slated for this fall.

On their myspace page the band list some influences:

Old Nintendo Games, Mahjongg, Pit Er Pat, Man Man, Os Mutantes, Beck, Tom Petty,
Dios, The Casual Dots, Pine Marten, Earlimart, Panty Lions, Irving, Great
Northern, Pavement, The Kills, Citizens Here and Abroad, El Olio Wolof, PinkEye,
Modest Mouse, Murder City Devils and The Talking Heads.

Rademacher show great promise, I think you should give this quartet a listen and keep an eye open for the upcoming disc.

+ courtesy call
+ they are always into that
+ robot show


  1. Anonymous1:02:00 PM

    I found this place last week when it was posted on linkfilter. It's BADASS!!! Ilove it. Thanks so much,keep up the good work.

  2. hey bill c - WOW! that's great! but now i feel the pressure!


  3. Anonymous10:24:00 PM

    i really like the Rademacher tracks. Thanks. i'll keep an eye out for the stuff.

  4. Anonymous11:22:00 AM

    I wish that bands would learn to use ID3 tags on their songs!!! It's always frustrating when you download a bunch of new stuff and they show up as "Track 1" once you import them...

  5. hey anon...
    i know what you mean, but if you've got the ability to edit the track info in your player, like in musicmatch, you can usually find the title there. it's a minor pain, but it's free music.

  6. Anonymous7:39:00 PM

    ID3 tags?

  7. info on ID3 tags here:

  8. Months later: ID3 tags fixxxxed.

    We've learned our lesson over here at Rademacher HQ.