June 27, 2005

Fancey :: 'Magical Summer' MP3

Todd Fancey :: photo by Johann Wall

Fancey says it will be a 'Magical Summer'. And Fancey are... New Pornographers guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist, Todd Fancey, and NP's drummer, Kurt Dahle. Produced by New Pornos producer, Howard Redekopp, with help from Dahle and Vancouver Nights and The Gay's, Sara Lapsley; The Magical Summer EP will be released July 22 on March Records, and features these four tracks:

1. Daytime Driver
2. Blue Star
3. Magical Summer
4. Heaven's Way

Fancey are tuned into The Beach Boys wavelength - California, summertime, and all that, but they display a much more mellow veneer than Brian and the boys, especially on this mp3... a special offer of the EP's title track, kindly made available by March Records.

...from The Magical Summer EP
+ the magical summer

from Fancey's s/t debut album...
+ rock and roll rhythm
+ dial jupiter *
+ saturday am *
* these last two are linked to Fancey's website

*If you like these - Fancey is currently recording a second album, scheduled for release in 2006.


  1. Your first link is broken. You seemed to have forgotten the "http://" part of the link :)

  2. james - thanks for letting me know.

  3. No problem Alan. I love your blog! Keep up the good work.

  4. Anonymous8:34:00 PM

    Alan, brilliant work with the new Fancey song. Since 3hive pointed me his way I've never looked back. His record label, March, has some fantastic acts on it too especially Figurine.

  5. Anonymous8:42:00 PM

    direct links to the two files:


    They don't prevent you from saving the files once you've downloaded them through their funky website (worth a visit) but just in case...