June 27, 2005

Jason Collett :: "Idols Of Exile"

You can stream Jason Collett's brilliant new album, Idols of Exile (arts & crafts), on his Arts & Crafts page by clicking on the music link (i should warn you arts & crafts is a flash site). Not only is it a collection of finely played, well written, and seductively sung music, it is also superbly produced by Howie Beck.

The album features performances from many of Jason’s closest friends; including most of the Broken Social Scene (Kevin Drew, Brendan Canning, Justin Peroff) and extended Broken Social Scene; Metric’s Emily Haines and James Shaw; Stars’ Amy Millan and Evan Cranley; Apostle Of Hustle’s Andrew Whiteman and Julian Brown; Do Make Say Think’s Charles Spearin; and Feist. Also making appearances on Idols Of Exile are some of Canada’s finest (if not well known) musicians, including: Andrew Cash, Chris Brown, Tony Sherr, Bob Egan, Jason Taite, Afie, Julie Penner, Liam O’Neil and Gonzales.

Idols of Exile was released in Canada on JUNE 14, 2005

Contact Jason at jasoncollett @ arts-crafts.ca

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  1. Anonymous6:16:00 PM

    Great album! Bought it last week.