June 08, 2005

'Through It All' Show *Sixeyes Some Love

Hey, kids! There's a new (I think it's new) music zine on the 'net. Called 'Through It All' it is the kind of place you indie music lovers will... uuh, love. It ain't stuffy, they don't follow the rules (if there are any), and they love music. Yeah, I know i'm throwing the word love around a lot... well it's 'cause I feel the love, the love from 'Through It All' who have blessed me with the honour of being their very first 'Featured MP3 Blog'.

Thanks guys, and I hope all *sixeyes readers pay 'Through It All' a visit.


  1. Anonymous2:28:00 AM

    As the owner and founder of Through It All, I wanna thank you for the post. We've actually been around for about 5 years, under a different name(that's why we're theTRC.net), but we just reopened this may. Thanks so much for giving us a mention. We love what you're doing. Let's keep in touch.

  2. Nice. The write-up was FUNNY, too.