July 02, 2005

The Next Big Thing?

Some have labelled Sheffield, UK's Arctic Monkeys as 'The Next Big Thing In British Rock Music'. And they just might be, but I hope that's what they want because that kind of hyping before you release your first full length can carry one helluva lotta weight with it.

There are thankfully a good number of decent sounding demos available to download as mp3s on the internet and here at *sixeyes we took note of that fact in the past. One of the songs is titled, "A Certain Romance", all sparky with Alex Turner's spiky Brit flavoured vocals. A lot has been made of the bands similarities to The Libertines, but I hear (oh, God, can I say it?) The Strokes in spots on this track. Especially in the chorus:
"You know, oh it's a funny thing you know
We'll tell 'em if you like
We'll tell 'em all tonight
They'll never listen
Cause their minds are made up
And course it's all okay to carry on that way "

+ a certain romance (demo) IT APPEARS THE SONGS ARE OFFLINE

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