July 06, 2005

Torontoist: "Le Mercredi Mixtape"

A site I frequent now and again, when I'm not immersed in tracking down music (which is always!), is Torontoist. A page which they themselves describe this way:

"Torontoist is a website about Toronto and everything that happens in it. We write about news, events, restaurants, bars, arts, crafts and happenings. Torontoist's hard-working scribes toil to bring you the best of the city. If you're interested in contributing to Torontoist, and you love the city like we love the mayor's hair, then drop us a line."

So I did and now I've contributed a mixtape of songs, to what they call 'Le Mercredi Mixtape'. Granted, I think I posted most of these on *Sixeyes before, though you should check out the site in any case. If not for my ' Le Mercredi Mixtape', then for past Mixtapes found here, or just the occasional weirdness like the series on the 'creepiest subway washrooms' found in their Ist List.

Thanks, Torontoist!

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