July 05, 2005


I first came across Lawrence, Kansas band, Ghosty, while hunting down mp3s of another Kansas based band, Minus Story, a couple of years back. And now [thanks to these guys], I learned that the band will finally release their debut album, Grow Up Or Sleep In, on Future Farmer Records this August 30th. The band doesn't knock you over the head with something different, oh no, they just play very good songs, written very well, in a familiar indie pop vein.

ghosty mp3s
+ you are a big screen
+ fortunately
+ i know what's best
+ (in a big world) little dreams count

*all mp3s courtesy of the amazing music site, lawrence.com... yes, as in lawrence, kansas.

A Couple More Lawrence Bands:
the new amsterdams + hover near fame
the appleseed cast + fight song

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  1. Anonymous1:30:00 PM

    Thanks for these songs. I just discovered Ghosty yesterday. And here I've denigrated Kansas all these years!