July 04, 2005


jason zumpano

Carl (a.k.a. A.C. Newman + leader of The New Pornographers) Newman has been at the power pop thing for a while, years back he was in another Canadian band called Zumpano. Led by drummer Jason Zumpano, the band released two albums, but called in quits in 1996 after the release of Goin' Through Changes when Carl Newman left during the recording of Zumpano's never finished third album for SubPop.

In 2000, Carl Newman returned as leader of the New Pornographers, but Jason Zumpano took two years to once again spread his wings with a new band - this time called Sparrow. Sparrow released their most recent album, June 7th on Absolutely Kosher and once more Zumpano shows his love for the 60's pop of The Zombies, The Raspberries, The Kinks, and others.

Sparrow MP3s
from 2005's The Early Years [order] (Absolutely Kosher)

from Sparrow [order] (overcoat recordings)

from The Sparrow - Piano 1-10 [order] (inflight music)
Falling Forward Again

SPARROW Tour Dates
7/13/05 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
7/14/05 – Indianapolis, IN @ Vogue
7/15/05 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
7/16/05 – Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock

ZUMPANO B-Sides and Rarities
Changes (The Zombies)
Orange Air (Jimmy Webb)
The New Country

ZUMPANO Live at the Shelter in Detroit, 4.8.1997
The Party Rages On
Behind the Beehive
This Will Be Our Year (Zombies cover)

**For more Zumpano mp3s, a couple of videos, and info on these tracks - go here.

Some more MP3s
A.C Newman + Drink to Me Babe Then
The New Pornographers + Mass Romantic

**(This post was built upon an earlier (nov. 2004) post on the band ZUMPANO after being reminded by 3HIVE.COM of Jason Zumpano's new band... so THANKS 3hive.com)


  1. I own a single and the two Zumpano CD's and didnt think there was much more, in the mid to late 90's I loved the band so much and only erecently found out that the singer was AC Newman. Thank you for the downloads.

  2. Anonymous12:37:00 AM

    Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice

  3. I love this (and AC Newman!) Thanks!

  4. natalie - you're welcome! thanks for telling me.

    and... oh yeah, JC... word.

  5. Anonymous10:51:00 PM

    I posted about Jason recently as well... I love "The Early Years" just sweet solid music :) I also bought A.C.Newman's "A Small Wonder" the other day, and was blown away, this guy can't make bad music!

    Usually I would plug my blog by giving a link to the relevant post about Sparrow, but it seems you have been pretty darned through....

    What? You say I did just plug my blog? @&#%! and I though I was being sneaky....

  6. Alan--you did a great job riffing on my Sparrow post. I've been going through a hardcore Zumpano kick, so your post was great to see! Hopefully we're making some new fans. sean/3hive