September 29, 2005

Immaculate Machine

Kathryn Calder, Brooke Gallupe, and Luke Kozlowski

If you've heard of this Victoria, BC band, then you know Immaculate Machine member, Kathryn Calder, is Carl A.C. Newman's niece. Not that that means a helluva lot, except the reception at family weddings must have a great band.

Immaculate Machine are a trio that practice the beloved art of extremely catchy indie pop. In addition to Calder (vocals/ keyboards), the line-up includes Brooke Gallupe (vocals/guitar), and Luke Kozlowski (vocals/drums). Currently touring their latest release, Ones and Zeros, with Uncle Carl's New Pornographers (I haven't YET had the pleasure) but I'll bet the track, "Broken Ship" is a show stopper (at least an opening act show stopper).

From what I have heard, their new material is a definite step forward for the band with "Broken Ship" especially being favoured by Kathryn Calder's lead vocal. When she belts out the lines her vocals are very arresting and she puts a strong, piercing voice to good use in this song.

Ones And Zeros (2005)
Broken Ship (mp3)
No Such Thing As The Future
Fire In The Lobby
Phone No. (mp3)
Invention 77
So Cynical
No Way Out (mp3)
Two Places
Latest Breaking News
Don't Leave Without Us

Previous Releases...
Transporter 2004
Skyscrapers (mp3)
Death Of A Rockstar (mp3)
Almost Gone
No Way Out
Disappear (how to say goodbye)
Pretty Songs Don't Lie
Who Is We Are
Tell It To The Ones Who Care (mp3)

The View EP 2003
No Caution (mp3)
The View
[interlude] (mp3)
Secret Affliction
Chasing the Horizon

Buy 'Ones and Zeros' from Maple Music
Buy 'Transporter' and 'The View' on-line from Bullfrog Music


  1. I'm really digging this! Excellent find!

  2. I saw Immaculate Machine, Destroyer and the N.P. last night in San Fran. Thank you for answering the question re. the keyboardist. BTW, Dan Bejar was awesome. A bit drunk, but awesome nonetheless.

  3. natalie - glad you like it.
    andy - thanks for that, i wish Dan Bejar would get around to answering the questions i sent him.