September 02, 2005

MP3 Downloads at eMusic

I was just hopping around the eMusic site, (of which I have been an member for over a year now) and I can't believe how much more music is being offered. More music than I could even begin to listen to. I used to visit a few times a week, usually when I found a great mp3 and hoped the band was featured on eMusic... usually it wasn't. But that's not the case now, there is a good chance that I will find the artist I am interested in. Here's what I came across today:

Portastatic - 5 albums including the latest Bright Ideas
on Merge Records.
Ted Leo - 4 albums and a couple of EPs.
Devendra Banhart - First 3 albums and The Black Babies EP. (I believe Cripple Crow will be on site soon).
Badly Drawn Boy - 1 album and a number of EPs, including Pissing in the Wind (CD 1) which has the beautiful Minotaur Shock Remix of The Shining.
Sufjan Stevens - 4 albums including Illinoise
A.C. Newman - The Slow Wonder
The Joggers - Solid Guild their 2003 release is on site, but I am hoping to see With A Cape And Cane show up after it is released.
The Rosebuds - 1 album and their latest EP from this year, Unwind.
Antony & The Johnsons - 2 albums and a couple of EP/Singles.
Okkervil River - 3 albums and an EP.
The Decemberists - 3 albums and 3 Single/EPs.
Neutral Milk Hotel - 2 albums and a Single/EP.
Big Star - 2 classic albums.
Akron Family - Debut release and a live recording.
There is one helluva lot more, but I've gotta get some sleep... check into eMusic's 50 Free MP3 Downloads offer here.

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