September 23, 2005

Richard Swift: "As I Go"

Photo by Lance Alton Troxel

Richard Swift lives in the past. In the pages of a book you haven't yet read, between the pages of that book. One which is tucked away in one of those stuffed, cramped, overstocked 'mini-library like' bookstores of discarded and traded books. This song, Richard Swift's, "As I Go", is like one of those books, but without the musty smell. Without the green splatter abstract of mildew on the inside cover. This music has a gleam, glimmering beneath the brushed drums and Swift's worn in friendly voice. Much of Swift's output has this sound, this effect. Mr. Swift is obviously comfortable in the past.

+ As I Go

*Bonus + Lady Day

*Richard Swift has a new label home at Secretly Canadian.

*A collection of Swift's two releases, The Novelist and Walking Without Effort, are combined in one release entitled, The Collection Vol. 1, which can be downloaded at eMusic.

*Check out the eMusic trial offer.

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