September 24, 2005

The Strokes: "Juicebox"

The Strokes recently leaked song and rumoured first single, "Juicebox", from the forthcoming disc, First Impressions of Earth, starts off sounding like what would play as the credits for an updated TV version of '60s tongue-in-cheek Bond ripoff film series, Matt Helm, rolled over the screen. Do The Strokes have their tongues in cheek, or their collective middle finger brandished? And to whom is this middle finger displayed? The public? Their record label? Are they trying to slip out of their record deal with a musical middle finger? "Juicebox" makes Weezer's lame track "Beverly Hills", shine in comparision. I elect we place this "Juicebox" on the sticky school cafeteria floor and POP it with a well aimed boot heel.

The Strokes, as of yet untitled third album, is believed to be set for a January release and is produced by David Kahne.

1 comment:

  1. I really didnt like this tune. I hope the rest of the album is more in line with their previous "sound."