October 16, 2005

Blood Relatives

The Pink Mountaintops

The Pink Mountaintops, Black Mountain, and Blood Meridian -- all three of these bands call the west coast of Canada home and it appears they come from a close knit community of musicians and artists...

Black Mountain is Matthew Camirand, Stephen McBean, Jeremy Schmidt, Amber Webber and Joshua Wells.

Blood Meridian is Kevin Grant, Dave Paterson, Jeff Lee, and Matthew Camirand.

The Pink Mountaintops boast a rotating cast which includes Stephen McBean, Amber Webber, Joshua Wells, Lyndsay Sung, Steve Balogh, Corey Ganges, Christoff Hofmeister, Keith Parry, Brad MacKinnon, and Matthew Camirand.

You can see the connections, now see if you can hear them...

black mountain [jagjaguwar]
heart of snow

the pink mountaintops [jagjaguwar]
can you do that dance?
rock'n'roll fantasy

blood meridian [teenage usa recordings]
wrong turns - demo
i was wrong (sorry)
wise blood - demo

blood meridian myspace page
pink mountaintops myspace page
black mountain myspace page

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