October 16, 2005

Dancing About Architecture

This is a new feature on *sixeyes, inspired by Largehearted Boy's 'Shorties' which appear everyday. I hope to get a 'Dancing About Architecture' post up on *sixeyes everyday if I can. The links will be to music articles appearing online in newspapers, magazines, and websites. The title, by the way, is from a well-known quote by Elvis Costello, who said, "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture - it's a really stupid thing to want to do." - from an interview by Timothy White, titled "A Man out of Time Beats the Clock." Musician magazine No. 60 (October 1983)

Franz Ferdinand talks to the Winnipeg Sun.

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The Boston Herald sits down with 'homeless' Devendra Banhart

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Liz Phair's Boston concert reviewed by The Boston Herald

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Colin Meloy, songwriter for The Decemberists, chats with the Associated Press.

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  1. Quite possibly taken from Pauline Kael, who I believe said it about writing about movies.