October 29, 2005

Dancing About Architecture

Slate deleves into the return of 'Freak Folk's' Godmother, Vashti Bunyan: Vashti's Children - How a fringe 1960s singer sparked a folk revival.

*eMusic has Bunyan's only previous release before this year's, Lookaftering, which is 1970's Another Diamond Day.
Try out eMusic through their free trial offer of 50 MP3 Downloads, no strings.... check into it.

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The Guardian talks to Kate Bush about her return to music.

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John Vanderslice has a chat with the San Francisco Chronicle.

*On the interview page you can download a few free and legal MP3s off of JV's latest, Pixel Revolt... "Continuation", "Plymouth Rock", and "Exodus Damage".


  1. so, emusic is pretty great. i just got 3 albums i've been after for a while. i'm pretty stoked. thanks

  2. sami - glad you found what you were looking for. you're welcome.