October 28, 2005

Flophouse Jr.

Flophouse JR, free and legal mp3s available below

Here is a pleasant discovery, for me at least, another Canadian indie act who caught my ear with familiar alt country leanings and (the always welcomed) reedy organ. The organ notes rising like hope behind the voice and guitars of Flophouse Jr's song, "Don't Need To Pretend".

The name, Flophouse Jr, may sound familiar to faithful readers of the British music mag, Mojo. The respected publication named FJ's debut album, Woodland, the 'Americana Album of The Month' back in 2000. But that was five years ago and the band 's sound has evolved to take in more than just the alt country genre. A fact evident on the latest album, Houseboat.

For the most part Flophouse Jr is Vancouver's Jon Wood, who began playing under the name back in 1998. Setting out as a trio the band has since been whittled to a duo with Wood and Susan Young making up the band.

From the debut CD, Woodland
+ don't need to pretend

from 2005's Houseboat
+ easily found

from Hour Glass House
+ field of corn
+ lonely at the top
+ funny town


Buy Flophouse Jr at zunior.com


HOUSEBOAT release date: August 9, 2005

Little Wonder 5:27
No Surprise 5:21
Colour Wheel 4:20
Open Invitation 4:50
Petty Crimes 4:49
Easily Found 5:49
Conversa Phone 5:09
Wiping Tears 2:56
When Everything 5:41

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