October 12, 2005

the happy bullets

I love this song, "The Vice and Virtue Ministry" (off the album of the same name), especially how the background vocal seems to swell up from a hollow stairwell over and over again. Not to mention the simple guitar riff that the song hangs on. I keep hearing The Shins when I listen to The Happy Bullets. I'm not saying they sound like The Shins, it's just something about the feel... and the reaching falsetto that presents the listener with one of a number of hooks in this tight little indie pop number.

Formed in Dallas back in 2003, the band now contains Jason Roberts - writer, vocals, keyboard, guitar; Tim Ruble - writer, vocals, keyboard, horns, guitar; Andrea Roberts - bassist, vocals; Josh McKibben - guitar, horns, vocals; Rhett Jones - drums; Kris Youmans - cello.

+ The Vice and Virtue Ministry
+ Learning to Love the Factory
+ If You Were Mine

IF these mp3 links don't work, try going here.

LABEL: undeniable records
MySpace Page: http://myspace.com/thehappybullets


  1. hi... i the happy bullets links aren't working... and i can't get Virtues on their myspace page either. dreadfully unfortunate. please get it up again soon!

  2. OK - i've got it up again, well 'the vice and virtue ministry' at least.

  3. thanks a million!

    (i love this song)