October 10, 2005


Here is another quality Canadian indie band, Raised by Swans. From the meduim sized university city of London, Ontario, the members are Eric Howden (vocals and guitar), Chris Donais (guitar and vocals), and Brady Parr (drums), with renowned producer Andy Magoffin (House of Miracles studio) helping out on bass and vocals in concert.

The band's music shimmers and glistens, a moody black and blue pierced by Eric Howden's clear, climbing vocal work. His falsetto reaching up into a hopeful sky as the band wraps the music in a rainy blue with moody synths, downbeat guitars, and the fantastic production of Andy Magoffin. With more than a nod to the wistful, dreamy indie pop that has come out of Britain in the past 10 years, Raised by Swans are worthy of a much wider audience and your attention.

+ relentless
violet light
capable of cruelty

Codes and Secret Longing 2005
1 A Cipher in a Foreign Sky/Violet Night
2 There is No Escape
3 Capable of Cruelty
4 Sandcastles
5 Still Inside You
6 Phantom Limb/Divided by Night
7 Relentless
8 Imagined Life
9 The Moment That I’ll Miss
10 Scent
11 Drag the Morning
12 Unrequited/Stolen Lakes
An independent release, the album can be purchased *here* through maple music.

*Raised by Swans on myspace

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  1. i'm def. liking "relentless" - shimmering little gem - good selection!