October 10, 2005


BEAT RADIO: live at the mercury lounge nyc by andrea kelly

New York based band, Beat Radio, are led by singer/songwriter, Brian Sendrowitz (guitar), along with Phil Jimenez (guitar and keyboards), Mike McCabe (bass) and Jim Mansfield (drums). The quartet fit into the 'indie' groove quite nicely. The vocals and harmonies have that well worn, slightly offbeat/off kilter veneer that feels organic, and in fact it's Sendrowitz vocals and lyrics which outshine anything else in the songs. The songs are, for the most part, framed in the raggedy guitar sounds of the early nineties, but the band is quite capable of walking or running as the song dictates, despite playing their first live gig a scant four months ago.

Sendrowitz, vocally at least, recalls moody/cranky Canadian musician, Matthew Good, on some tracks.

+ treetops
from the upcoming release the ecstatic ep

+ television
+ elegy (early demo)

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