October 10, 2005

Spielerfrau: Affordable Luxury EP

Spielerfrau's Michael Idov has a voice that conjures a number of well-known and well-respected indie rock singers. And mixing those vocals, those of gray sheets of rain and long black coats, with the band's minor key sorrow gives us something like Tindersticks with it's heart blackened due to blood loss. While the music's color and the familiar echo of Idov's voice draw you in, it's the tiny, sharp, telling barbs that hook you between the ears. I want to kick someone in the face to see if it brings back better days..., from "November 3" and You said honesty keeps me hoisted on my own petard, well I like the view from her to you..., stands out in "Middlesex", both from the band's debut titled, Affordable Luxury.

Idov's lyrics demand your attention and are ample enough reward to seek out this album, a five track EP. Spielerfrau's songs are moody musings with literary flair.

Affordable Luxury
1. A Civilized Thing
2. My Intended
3. Middlesex
4. Dear Leader
5. November 3


This mp3 is a rough unmastered mix:

+ my intended

From the band's forthcoming full length The Sad Part (November 2005)

+ social call

*Visit spielerfrau.com to buy.

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