October 25, 2005

Listing Ship

The Los Angeles-based band, Listing Ship, may call themselves, or categorize themselves, as indie/progressive folk on their myspace page, but I'm not sure if folk is very accurate. Indie and progressive the band most definitely is... the thumping rhythms on tracks like "Chinese Song" and "Baise Ca" remind me of Animal Collective, although not much else in these songs does. Violin is very prominent in the bands music and it's presense and the vocals are the ties (minor ties at that) to folk music. The very experimental nature of Listing Ship comes to the fore on "Eda no Mel", a track, which to me sounds nearly entirely backwards.

At the heart of Listing Ship are Lyman Chaffee (guitar, banjo, vocal) and Heather Lockie (vocal, viola). And continuing a decade old collaboration the two are joined by fellow musicians Shawn Lockie (vocals), Julie Carpenter (violin), Michael Whitmore, (vibraphone, guitar, banjo, mandolin), Laura Steenberger (upright bass), and Kyle C. Kyle (drums).

Here are two songs from Time To Dream which can be found on insound.com, amazon.com, and iTunes, but the CD won't be in stores until January 2006.

+ ichabod crane
+ chinese song

*the tracks "Baise Ca" and "Eda no Mel", can be streamed on the band's myspace page.

Time To Dream Track Listing
1. American Song
2. The Temptation of Miss Piggy
3. Ichabod Crane
4. Chinese Song
5. Baise Ca
6. Sleep of the Beloved
7. Dans la Cuisine
8. Black Eyes of the Sea
9. Crooked Teeth
10. Eda no Mel
11. Destroying France
12. Death
13. Sarah
14. Laura Lee Drives South in Spring


  1. folk is not the opposite of progressive is it?
    bob dylan?
    thanks for the links - beautiful tunes.

  2. C - glad you like the songs. I wasn't saying folk wasn't progressive. I think all music can be progressive in forward thinking hands.