October 03, 2005

RELEASED: Oct. 4th

The Beta Band: Best of the Beta Band [cd]
The Deadly Snakes: Porcella [cd]
Deftones: B-Sides & Rarities [cd]
The Fall: Fall Heads Roll [cd]
Fiona Apple: Extraordinary Machine [cd]
Fiona Apple: Extraordinary Machine (dualdisc) [cd]
Franz Ferdinand: You Could Have It So Much Better... With Franz Ferdinand [cd]
Franz Ferdinand: You Could Have It So Much Better... With Franz Ferdinand (dualdisc) [cd]
Friends of Dean Martinez: Lost Horizon [cd]
The Go! Team: Thunder, Lightning, Strike [cd]
The International Noise Conspiracy: Armed Love [cd]
Jimmy Eat World: Stay on My Side Tonight [cd]
John Lennon: Working Class Hero: The Definitive Lennon [cd]
Ladytron: Witching Hour [cd]
Lesser Birds of Paradise: String of Bees [cd]
The Living Things: Ahead Of Lions [cd]
Liz Phair: Somebody's Miracle [cd]
Lucy Kaplansky: The Tide (remastered with bonus tracks) [cd]
Magic Numbers: Magic Numbers (US release) [cd]
Make Believe: Shock of Being [cd]
Mark Eitzel: Candy Ass [cd]
Metric: Live It Out [cd]
My Morning Jacket: Z [cd]


October 10/01 FLAMING LIPS - here it is (plain)
10/01 FLAMING LIPS - in a priest driven amb (plain)
10/01 FLAMING LIPS - oh my gawd (plain)
10/01 FLAMING LIPS - telepathic surgery (plain)
10/03 AMUSEMENT PARK ON FIRE - amusement park on fire (v2)
10/03 BLOC PARTY - two more years (wichita)
10/03 KISS ME DEADLY - misty medley (alien 8)
10/03 RINOCEROSE - schizophonia (v2)
10/03 ROGERS SISTER - emotion control/ the conversation 7" (too pure)
10/03 TIMEOUT DRAWER - nowanmai (consumers research & development)
10/04 2K6 - the tracks (decon)
10/04 ALBUM LEAF/ON!AIR!LIBRARY! - a lifetime or more (arena rock recordings)
10/04 ANDY BELL - electric blue (sanctuary)
10/04 ATMOSPHERE - you can't imagine how much fun we're having (rhymesayers)
10/04 BADGERLORE - stories for owls (free porcupine society)
10/04 BETA BAND - the best of the beta band 2xcd (astralwerks)
10/04 BLACK KEYS - live (fat possum)
10/04 BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE - tepid peppermint wonderland: a retrospective (vinyl) (tee pee records)
10/04 BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE - broken social scene (arts & crafts)
10/04 CABINESSENCE - comes back to you (roslyn)
10/04 CALLA - calla (reissue) (arena rock recordings)
10/04 CALLA - televise (reissue) (arena rock recordings)
10/04 CERBERUS SHOAL - cerberus shoal (nei)
10/04 CERBERUS SHOAL - the land we all belive in (nei)
10/04 CHAP - ham (lo recordings)
10/04 CHRIS BROKAW - red cities (kimchee records)
10/04 CHRIS BROKAW - viva las vegas ep (kimchee records)
10/04 CHUCK BETTIS - community of commotion (nei)
10/04 CREEPER LAGOON - remember the future (reissue) (arena rock recordings)
10/04 CRIPPLES - culture (dirtnap records)
10/04 DEADLY SNAKES - porcella (in the red)
10/04 DEATH VESSEL - stay close (nei)
10/04 DELIA GONZALEZ/GAVEN RUSSOM - the days of mars (astralwerks)
10/04 DUNGEN - stadsvandringar (astralwerks)
10/04 EL OSO - whichever chapter covers now (contraphonic)
10/04 ELF POWER - a dream in sound (reissue) (arena rock recordings)
10/04 ELF POWER - when the red king comes (reissue) (arena rock recordings)
10/04 ELLIOTT - photorecordings (revelation)
10/04 FIRE ENGINES - codex teenage premontion (domino)
10/04 FRANZ FERDINAND - you could have it so much better (cd) (epic)
10/04 FRANZ FERDINAND - you could have it so much better (double disc) (epic)
10/04 FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ - lost horizon (aero recordings)
10/04 GLORIA RECORD - start here (arena rock recordings)
10/04 HELMS - mccarthy (kimchee records)
10/04 HELMS - the swimmer (kimchee records)
10/04 HEM/AUTUMN DEFENSE - birds, beast, and flowers (arena rock recordings)
10/04 HIEROGLYPHICS - tbd (hieroglyphics)
10/04 HUMAN LEAGUE - crash (caroline records)
10/04 IFIHADAHIFI - no more music (contraphonic)
10/04 INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY - armed love (rep )
10/04 JAMES BLUNT - back to bedlam (atlantic)
10/04 JAMES YORKSTON - hoopoe (houston party)
10/04 JIMMY EAT WORLD - stay on my side tonight (ep) (dreamworks)
10/04 LARKIN GRIMM - harpoon (secreteye.org)
10/04 LESSER BIRDS OF PARADISE - string of bees (contraphonic)
10/04 LICHENS - the psychic nature of being (holy mountain)
10/04 LIZ PHAIR - somebody's miracle (capitol)
10/04 MADE IN MEXICO - zodiac zoo (skin graft)
10/04 MAGIC NUMBERS - the magic numbers (capitol)
10/04 MAKE BELIEVE - shock of being (flameshovel)
10/04 MANIKIN - still (super secret records)
10/04 MARS - the complete studio recordings nyc 1977-1978 (important)
10/04 MERZBOW - merzbuta (important)
10/04 MUGISON - mugimama, is this monkey music? (ipecac)
10/04 MUM - yesterday was dramatic, today is ok (reissue) (morr)
10/04 MY MORNING JACKET - z (ato/rca)
10/04 NEW RADIANT STORM KING - leftover blues 1991-2003 (contraphonic)
10/04 OCCASION - cannery hours (say hey records)
10/04 PAULA FRAZER - leave the sad things behind (birdman)
10/04 PULSEPROGRAMMING - tulsa for one second remix project vol.2 (aesthetics)
10/04 RESIDENTS - third reich' n' roll (mute)
10/04 SCREECHING WEASEL - weasel mania (fat wreck chords)
10/04 TALKING HEADS - fear of music (reissue) (rhino)
10/04 TALKING HEADS - little creatures (rhino)
10/04 TALKING HEADS - more songs about buildings and food (reissue) (rhino)
10/04 TALKING HEADS - naked (reissue) (rhino)
10/04 TALKING HEADS - remain in light (reissue) (rhino)
10/04 TALKING HEADS - speaking in tongues (reissue) (rhino)
10/04 TALKING HEADS - talking heads 77 (reissue) (rhino)
10/04 TALKING HEADS - true stories (reissue) (rhino)
10/04 TICONDEROGA - the heilig-levine (lp) (5440 or fight)
10/04 UNBUNNY - typist (important)
10/04 VARIOUS ARTIST - tribute to guitar wolf (narnak)
10/04 WITNESSES - hard up (howler records)
10/04 WRENS/FIVE MOD FOUR - split (contraphonic)
10/04 YESTERDAYS NEW QUINTET - sound directions (stones throw)

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