November 01, 2005


The latest musical offering on David Fridlund's blog is entitled, "Me Against You". A song that builds nicely from it's drum machine base--adding tremeloed guitar, earthy piano, and bass--all of it neatly countered by Fridlund's vocal. A vocal that has the decided advantage of his voice, one that has a dry blue sadness to it... like the eyes of a child's abandoned doll. This track, as in many of his, sweeps it's melancholy over the listener with the piano's cold ivory keys and that voice. It's one you should get to know.

+ me against you


*David Fridlund is the main force behind the Swedish guitar pop band, David & the Citizens. He released his solo debut, Amaterasu, earlier this year on Hidden Agenda/Parasol.


Here is my review of Amaterasu.

D. Fridlund's blog
David &the Citizens

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