November 28, 2005

My Project: Blue

My Project Blue, free and legal mp3 available belowThe young Canadian band, My Project: Blue, is quite often described with reference to David Bowie, but I don't hear it. What I do hear is a striking similarity to Dan Bejar (Destroyer). Bejar crossed with Lou Reed in this song especially. But then Bejar himself has been oft described as a Bowie acolyte, a disciple at the altar of the David, by those who hear Mr Jones in Mr Bejar's music... I don't. Not usually. When I listen to this My Project: Blue song, I most definitely hear the 'voice-made-for-indie' nasal essence of BC native, Dan Bejar. And, yes, some glam elements are present in My Project: Blue music, hell, you can almost see the glitter on the guitar, where it has fallen all the way from the '70s. All right... it's Dan Bejar vocals, '70's glam vibe, and '80's new wave instruments. And I'll admit Bowie has influenced all of these elements. It's just that I don't hear the direct connection... do you?

+ control of me
from the My Project: Blue EP released Canada: October 11, 2005 - USA: November 15, 2005

Track Listing
1. Messed Up In the Heart
2. These Re-Occuring Nightmares
3. The Boy Who Wore Red
4. Control Of Me
5. Consume

Band Site:
Label: Boompa


  1. Love this blog! I come here for all my music now. Did a short mention of your blog on my Friday Blog Review a few days ago. Keep the great music coming.

  2. Thanks Kate.
    Thanks for visiting and thanks for telling me.