November 07, 2005

Sigur Ros : "Glosoli" : Video

Here is the atmopheric song, "Glosoli", by Sigur Ros. The video fails to capture the breadth and scope of the song, but that's a bit difficult when trying to convey this Icelandic bands music.

Sigur Ros : Glosoli [quicktime]


  1. I won't ruin the ending, for your curious readers, but it's breathtaking!

  2. "fails to capture the breadth and scope of the song"?! The seven minutes I spent watching this video was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I seriously watch it at least three times a week (when I bouhgt "Takk" it came with a DVD of the video), it's more or less the best thing I've ever seen. I also recommend their other amazing video for "Untitled #1 (Vaka)", which you can download here:

  3. I'm just wondering about the final boy... he seems to fall?

  4. Man!! That Vid totally gives you goose bumps. Its one of the most beautiful songs of all time

  5. completely agree with derek. the BEST video from the BEST album I have heard in YEARS.

    and the boy at the end, well....