November 07, 2005


The Fresno, CA band, Rademacher, have now got their new EP available to all. Titled Ice Age, it is a slim offering of four tracks, but it does contain the strangest track the band has released, "Playing For Fun", a song I talked about this past August. This one song is definitely a step into the shadows of singer and songwriter Mike B's mind. The other three are much more in the sunlight, at least the light that falls from the California sky, and we all know about California (don't we?). The other song that stands out for me is "I've Rearranged Everything". It builds from a single acoustic guitar and Mike's distinctive voice to be met by a beautifully contrasting second guitar and slowly the band joins in. Either a very tasteful restraint was exercised when recording this song or the band ran out of instruments, as the song retains it lightness and memorable melody from beginning to end.

The title track "Ice Age" offers perhaps the most telling line about Rademacher...

We're just a loose band of haircuts marching down stair tops, we're your friends...

"Ice Age", again as "I've Rearranged Everything" did, has what each and every song needs, a strong foundation or melody. It also dips into more imaginative instrumentation like "Playing For Fun" does.

From Ice Age on Greytank Records
+ i've rearranged everything
ice age

You can stream all four Ice Age tracks on the band's myspace page.
You can download three earlier tracks from my June post on the band.

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