December 06, 2005

Everything is Fine (or is it?)

Everything is Fine is a Portland, Oregon based band led by Marc Manning (who is also a visual artist and photographer). On the west coast since mid-2003, the band originated in Philadelphia about 5 years ago, after Manning's previous band, Legend of Boggy Creek, broke up. Manning's plan, or vision, of the band was "... a weird, otherworldly country band."

The weird part is definitely apparent in the lyrics, as for the 'country' part, well, that is a little more buried under the fingerprints of Manning and his band. Grimy prints that give clues as to what you are listening to, but leave you to solve the mystery... and isn't that how it should be?

+ ghosts are knocking on walls
+ 1000 seconds [1 min 30 sec clip]
+ long night
+ half hour
+ cold hands
+ underwater fire breathing
[there are a few more sound clips to download here and more here]

After listening to these songs I got the feeling that Manning sees the strange and twisted things that lurk beneath the everday veneer of normalcy.
Everything is Fine? At least the music is.


>>Two collaborations between andrew sweeny and everything is fine - from Hinah Records

andrew sweeny vs everything is fine

+ marrakesh
everything is fine vs andrew sweeny
+ in the black

Manning covering The Magnetic Fields song, The Dreaming Moon

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