December 06, 2005


Wintergreen, free mp3s available below

A young band based in LA, Wintergreen have released an EP titled Extended Play and, I believe, are working on a full length. The guys seem to be more than a little cracked [a good thing]. I asked for some info on Wintergreen and this is what Wintergreen said...

we are all straight.
enjoy nights out at fancy restaurants and seeing movies...or just nights at home curled up under blankets on the couch watching old TV shows....we prefer people that are playing games!!! people that know what they want in life and aren't afraid to dream big and really go for it...but love is far more important then good looks and success....also...wintergreen has been a band for about 18 months in Los Angeles...we are all Midwestern kids that are unknowns really...we immediately began writing and recording for an album with Michael krassner (ealimart, califone, koufax) and later worked with niko bolas (Neil young, Keith Richards, Fiona apple, Billy Joel, kiss, Bette milder, Travis, Warren Zevon... ok.. the guy is a recording legend) but we are label and money free...thus we've always been waiting for open studio time and time from others to get this sucker done once and for all....we got antsy and put out the EP as a lil teaser of what is to come on my friends label Mt.Fuji....has redeye distro and might be people's favorite new indie label someday....random hollywood truths are....jessica simpson and nick lachey were at our first show ever.....cameron diaz was at our 10th and has our demo....shows 8 and 9 we were openers for the get up kids on their farewell tour....indie 103.1 was the first radio station to play us ever...and played us a few times this summer....yet wintergreen members are all fucking crazy in their own way...our lead guitarist is homeless...most of us work for low wage and can barely get by...but all of us have been through the best and worst together...we only want to be in this band and only death will break us up...

Trevor Sherwood age 26-leo
Jared Anderson age 28-taurus
Todd Ramsey age 28 Gemini
Drew Mottinger age 23 Capricorn


What do they sound like? Well, the English jaunt of The Smiths permeates 'When I Wake Up" and to a lesser extent, "Waste of time". Actually the song "Waste of Time", it's title is little more than just that, a title (time wise I mean). As two out of these three mp3s, including "Waste Of Time", are little more than 2 minutes in length... this foursome don't waste any time... perhaps due to financial constraints, studio time does add up. A lack of funds can help crystallize and distill a band's creative energy. Listen to freeze-dried Wintergreen...

+ waste of time
+ when i wake up
+ fall apart


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